Workplace Discrimination:


Collier-&-Huber-Law-TulsaWorkplace discrimination is when an employer does not hire an applicant because of legally protected attributes, or an employee is treated unfairly due to legally protected attributes. If you are discriminated against in the workplace, you are often entitled to a significant amount of money for compensation. However, the discrimination has to be proven to have been due to a legally protected attribute. Without the help of a lawyer, proving the discrimination can be very difficult or impossible. Collier and Huber have expertise in lawsuits for different types of discrimination, such as race, sex, disability, and other legally protected traits. Anything that is covered in the 1964 Civil Rights Act is considered a legally protected attribute. In addition, there are other legal statues that contain laws against workplace discrimination. Collier and Huber know how to find the evidence that would prove your case in the courtroom. When the discrimination is proven, judges will rule in favor of the person suing. If you hire Collier and Huber, this could be your case. They have expertise in working with the legal system to get you as much compensation as possible.

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