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The Collier & Huber Law Firm of Tulsa

has the experience you can trust because we are Former Tulsa Prosecutors, and we know how to get the results you are looking for.

We handle virtually any criminal case from the most simple to the most complex in many counties and federal court.

Criminal cases can result in serious consequences for the person being charged. In some cases, the accused may be facing significant jail time or fines. Other times, you may find yourself needing to sue someone who caused personal injury or suffering. If you are facing legal issues in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Collier and Huber Law Firm is the place to call. They have an expertise in a wide variety of different types of civil and criminal law. Collier and Huber law firm can help you receive the best outcome possible.

Collier and Huber works with different general categories of law. One area is lawsuits for negligence. This is whenever you or a loved one has faced injury or death as a result of negligence. In these cases, Collier and Huber can help you to get the compensation you are entitled to. They also work with employment law. When one is wrongfully discriminated against at work or terminated/discharged illegally, one can be entitled to compensation. Collier and Huber can help you to get that compensation. Criminal cases have the potential to cause the most disturbance in one’s life. Collier and Huber can help to mitigate the consequences or even help you to receive a not guilty verdict.

The Collier & Huber Law Firm can handle all of your employment concerns. We can get you what you deserve. Call now 918-742-4062.

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AWESOME ATTORNEY !!!! I used mark on a felony case out of tulsa co. And I have been to prison twice before in my past.. so this was my 3rd time in trouble, and mark collier was able to keep me out of prison and in community sentencing….. hands down one of the best in Tulsa! !!!!!!

Tracy King

Would use them anytime. They know exactly what they are doing. Served on the other side of the spectrum.


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